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Assisted Living Utah
Assisted Living Utah     BINGO is a must have here at Summerfield. We play Monday & Wednesday afternoons and have chocolate candy as our prizes– depending on the round we can even win two fun-sized chocolates or a big candy bar!  Every 20 minutes we start a different round and we play with four different cards at a time. We always have a ball around here! Although a big reason for playing BINGO at Summerfield is the diversionary social aspect, it actually has a lot more cognitive benefits than we would think.

     First, BINGO helps increase cognitive strengthh. A study done in the University of Southampton’s psychology department showed that “bingo players are quicker and more accurate than none bingo players”. We have seen that many of our BINGO players are sharp and have deeper conversations with others. As our players have played longer, they have truly gotten a knack for picking the luckiest cards in the stack and stocking up to share candy with their grandchildren.

Assisted Living UtahBINGO also increases our resident’s social well-being. Playing in our dining room is a safe and fun environment to connect with friends while creating a sense of belonging in the community. I mean, who doesn’t love to play games with their friends? And on top of that also win candy to share with others?
     Interesting enough, this popular game strengthens physical health, too. We play for about an hour every day and throughout our experience we are cracking jokes and laughing. On Monday’s in particular we have a dancing round where if a resident wins a bingo, they can dance or recite a rhyme for another prize. We all enjoy visiting and showing our silly side. Doing things that bring us to this state of FLOW where we lose track of time, we are challenged, and we feel free is where our intrinsic motivation for life begins to flourish. BINGO is the perfect game for our residents to feel that.

Assisted Living Utah

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