April 17, 2012
Retirement Communities Utah

The Curse of the Irish

There is a curse upon the Summerfield Retirement Communities Utah Manor St. Patricks Day party. In tradition of the curse, we only get one or two […]
April 17, 2012
Utah Retirement

Strut Your Stuff Sarah!

Our great Winter Intern Sarah Logo was a competitor in the BYU Strut Your Stuff Internship Competition. She did an excellent job and won the People’s […]
April 30, 2012
Utah Retirement

Diet Coke + Mentos = FUN!

We decided we needed to become more scholarly at Summerfield so we decided to try out a science experiment. Has anyone ever mixed baking soda and […]
June 25, 2012

Back In Action

Since the sad departure of our dear Sarah Ray from Summerfield Utah Retirement, we have yet to update our blog with all the exciting news of […]