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Five Myths About Senior Living You Shouldn’t Believe

Here’s the truth about independence, socialization and support in senior living homes.

Maturing is an interesting encounter for every one of us, and entering another period of life may bring difficulties you won’t ever anticipate. You may have arrived at a point where you realize you’re prepared for something else. Maybe somebody has recommended senior living, however you’re certain it’s anything but an ideal choice for you. Assuming this is the case, this moment may be the ideal time to investigate senior living –theodds are it’s not what you would expect. One recommendation from long timesenior living residents: Don’t accept the tales about living with different seniors!

Here are five common pieces of misinformation about senior living out there today, and what you can do to combat them.

1. Senior living is boring.

Have you heard the phrase “life is what you make of it?” Nothing could be truer than in your retirement years. While today’s senior living communities offer no shortage of opportunities to learn a skill, experience world-class dining, compete in games, sing, garden and even be active in the community, it’s up to you to choose to engage. If you are a go-getter who thrives in an activity-rich environment, you’ll do well in a quality senior living community. Even if you need a little motivation, however, supportive staff and a growing peer group can help you find purposeful ways to keep busy.

2. It’s for people who can’t take care of themselves.

One disappointing myth that seniors regularly hear is that retirement communities are there to take you in when you can’t live alone. The truth is much more nuanced, however. Senior living communities offer a wide variety of services, from those you may as of now use (such as laundry or housekeeping) to the medical and therapeutic contributions we find out about the most. Numerous seniors discover independent living to be a decent passage into retirement communities, as you can keep really focusing on yourself as long as you are capable ,then transition to additional support services only as required. The amount you do is dependent upon you. Spots like Summerfield Retirement value a model supports and encourages freedom and independence.

3. It marks the end of independence.

This pesky myth just continues to live, even though many retirement communities exist to allow seniors as many choices as possible. From the food you eat to the friends you make, there’s actually more opportunity to exercise independence in a retirement community than might be possible if stuck at home where you are limited to the services and options presented by your doctor or the community. With professional staff on hand to empower residents, you can keep your independence in many more tasks and decisions than you could imagine.

4. You’ll be lonely.

Senior loneliness is an epidemic, however retirement communities address this head-on. Rather than sitting at home alone and possibly restricted by versatility issues or absence of social frameworks, you could be among many of your peers –individuals who get what you are going through and accept you as you are! Regardless of whether you are an introvert and really like to casually chat over supper while appreciating books during your down time, or you make a moveto mingle, you can explore relationships at your own pace. With individuals checking in with you every day and (if necessary) completing a care plan unique to your own personal wellness goals, you’ll never really be alone again.

5. Your health goes downhill once you go to live in a senior community.

One last upsetting myth is how senior living communities affect your personal health. So much has changed in the business, with the top locations putting an expanded spotlight on “holistic” care. It’s not enough for communities to only be aware of blood pressure and medication; the future of senior care includes profound, social, mental and physical strategies. From having a specific spot to meditate to keeping your brain on par with a round of Scrabble, you ought to expect that your new home will be paying special attention to more factors than what might appear on a blood test.

See for yourself how seniors truly thrive

The next time someone goes on about one of these terrible, but common, myths, realize that individuals’ conclusions are regularly formed by an individual encounter that isn’t a representative of senior care in general. What’s worse, quite a bit of these myths depend on rumors or things we once thought about care –and not from actual experience with senior care in the present.

One thing to remember, nonetheless, is that all retirement communities are not the same. While top tier residences exist, with sufficient staff and assets to make a fulfilling experience, the best way to know which one you’ll adore is to visit. Make the effort for choosing the spot that could very well be your home. Get some information from residents about these myths, and let them disclose to you their encounters in proving these rumors wrong!