October Resident Spotlight: Ally Storm
October 22, 2019
November Resident Spotlight: Colleen Barbakos
October 31, 2019

Halloween Carnival 2019


Residents and their families had so much fun at our Halloween Carnival this year!

When I first arrived at the party it was fun to see so many residents dressed up special for the party. Residents dressed up in orange and black (one resident even had a large orange bow tie) to even a full Maleficent costume!

The whole building was all decked out for Halloween! From a skeleton playing piano in the dining hall, a skeleton playing chess upstairs, and bats and birds “flying” around everywhere the building was very well decorated. Walking around the party was also fun to see the decorations residents had put on their doors. From Halloween wreaths to full door decorations, the whole building looked festive! One amazing door decoration had tentacles with eyeballs!

The first part of the party, residents spent time walking around the building with their families to the different games and activities. The children loved getting prizes at spin-the-wheel, bean bag toss, and “grave robbing.” The children and some of the residents also got fake Halloween tattoos! The courtyard between the manor and SRC was a spook alley with a full apothecary, a scary clown face, a skeleton horse, screeching bats, tombstones, a giant spider, and a wraith.

The manor dining hall had a fun Halloween photo booth. Little hula girls, princesses, and residents posed with the spooky backdrop and then immediately received a souvenir print-out of their pictures.

The SRC dining hall was an excellent place to visit with families and enjoy Halloween cookies, “mummy dogs”, and apples. Towards the end of the party, residents and their families also gathered in the dining hall to congratulate the winners of our costume contest and door decorating contest! The children all gathered to show off their costumes and the three best costumes received prizes! Residents with the best decorated doors received beautiful gift baskets from Kneaders!

At the end of the party residents enjoyed seeing all the children in their costumes as the children went around the building trick-or-treating.

The best part of the party was seeing the smiles on residents faces as they watched the trick-or-treaters and spent time with loved ones. Trick-or-treating, games and activities, photo booth, spook alley, refreshments, family, fun, this truly was an amazing party! Leaving the party I overheard one family member say it was the best Halloween party they had been to.

Making our community feel like home is more than our business…it’s our mission! We truly hope all the residents and their families enjoyed spending time together at this wonderful event at Summerfield Retirement Community in Utah!