Sherrie N
July 20, 2018
Mindy Tillley
April 15, 2019

DeAndre Reynolds

Because you are taking time to read the reviews for Summerfield Retirement, then you like myself, recognize the importance of the life changing decision you are about to make. Following my visits to many similar facilities in Utah Valley I tallied the results and found the quality of care given to the residents and the cleanliness of the facility to be among the top.

The undeniable positive atmosphere which permeates Summerfield, places it at the head of the list. My daughter summarized the difference up with these words “I especially noticed the caring mannerisms including a smile on their faces as they helped the residents.”

My mother was well cared for and truly enjoyed her year and a half at Summerfield. It’s just the right size. Large enough to offer a wide variety of daily programs, field trips, special annual celebrations and small enough to provide up to date individualized care.

I encourage you to visit Summerfield and see for yourself. It will be time well spent.