Melanie Haws
June 9, 2017
Sherrie N
July 20, 2018

Gary Schlenker

The staff and management at Summerfield Retirement are a wonderful bunch or people. They are caring, friendly and have genuine care for the residents. This genuine care and love for the residents is felt by not only the reaidents themselves but also their family members who come and frequent the facility.

My Father was a resident until his passing and was asked on a number of occasions if he was happy and he always responded hat he was. He would talk fondly of the aids and would often say they made him feel young at heart. He loved the young people and he loved how they would interact with him .

There are many activities he enjoyed attending and the staff always made sure they spoke with him and always made him feel welcome. My father would often tell me that the staff had personal one on one interactions with him. These were some times he seemed to enjoy the most.

When my father had to go to the hospital shortly before his passing there we a number of staff members who asked about him and showed genuine concern. After his passing I spoke with a staff member who was visibly shaken and upset at his passing which just confirmed to me the love they had for him.

It’s not just a job but it’s lives they can touch and care about. And the Summerfield staff does. Thank you for you love and care you have my father.