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June 25, 2022
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5 Crafts that Beat the Heat

With rising summer temperatures and the occasional rainy day. For those in assisted home care services and independent senior housing alike, unpredictable weather can really throw a monkey wrench in summer plans outdoors. Here are five ways we at Summerfield beat the summer heat with indoor crafts!

1. Suncatchers. With a little fishing line and a handful of beads, suncatchers are the perfect craft to pass the time. All you do is string beads along the line, tie a knot, and voila! Beautiful colors to catch the rays and brighten any day, even from the indoors.

2. Homemade Candy. Nothing is sweeter than a little peanut butter and chocolate treat, no matter the temperature outside. For homemade Reese’s cups, simply melt chocolate into paper cupcake liners, spoon peanut butter into the center, and cover with more melted chocolate. Refrigerate for one hour, and enjoy!

3. Painting Birdhouses. Our friendly avian neighbors have been frequenting the courtyards and rosebushes. Painting miniature birdhouses brings that friendly spirit right into the home. With one or two acrylic paints, all you need is a birdhouse of your choice available at most dollar discount stores.

4. Corsages. June is the perfect month to catch the roses in bloom, especially around the grounds. If you are a fellow flower aficionado, this is the ideal senior living center for you. With a bit of floral tape, ribbon, hot glue and of course nearby roses, residents were bedazzled and ready to boogie at the Summer Dance with their buds and duds.

5. Berry Flags. Flag day was a tasty day with American flag crackers. White frosting and berries decorated Graham crackers to celebrate in style.

If you’re looking for luxury senior housing near you, you’ve come to the right place. The summer fun never ends as we create crafts and memories together.