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February 28, 2013
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July 11, 2013

Silly Science Experiment

Utah Retirement

Whoever said Silly Putty was for children was……WRONG!

Utah Retirement


Especially homemade silly putty
And here’s the evidence to prove it….
Utah Retirement


We combined liquid laundry detergent with Elmer’s School Glue and food coloring for more fun!
Utah Retirement


Gerry was just excited it matched her nail polish.
She was brave enough to take it out of the bag and touch it!
Utah Retirement


Naomi is always down for the cause.
She was a trooper, but not quite sold on touching “the stuff.”
Utah Retirement


It was a mess, but what else is newspaper for!
Utah Retirement


Sylvia’s turned out JUST RIGHT.
Not too gooey, not too stiff. Like we said, JUST RIGHT.
Utah Retirement


Pretty Alice was swinging the putty all over.
It grew to be over a foot! LOOK OUT.
Utah Retirement


Louise wasn’t quite sold on touching the putty either.
Although it stayed in the bag, she actually took it home with her. Another brave soul.
Utah Retirement


Lillian had fun just squeezing the putty in the bag.
She didn’t stop squeezing until she left!

Utah Retirement

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