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June 9, 2022
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June 25, 2022

You Are What You Eat—Eating Healthy as a Senior

As a senior, it can be hard to keep up with food preparation and dietary needs. At Summerfield Retirement our staff works around the clock to ensure an elegant dining service with balanced meals that taste great! Our culinary crew makes it easy to eat healthy. Below are four main ways we aim to encourage our residents to eat healthy.


Our dietary team provides several options to choose from for every meal, and our care team provides accommodations to ensure all residents can enjoy a comfortable dining environment that meets their individual needs.

Make it fun

Mealtimes here at Summerfield are times to look forward to—meeting up with friends, chatting with neighbors, and enjoying the restaurant-grade entrees. Some days you can hear the pleasant tunes on the piano or a friendly harmonica from a performing friend. Mealtimes on your own can be lonely, so group mealtimes as a social gathering encourage happiness instead of self-isolation.

Add Some Flavor

While the menu names range from grilled Moroccan chicken to the more American fare of sweet potato casserole, the variety offers residents an opportunity to experience culinary cuisine from around the world. Classics are circulated on a regular basis, but you’ll find the likes of Indian butter chicken and Kalua pork right around the corner.

Focus on the Four

The Summerfield chef’s and dietician plan for every meal to be nutrient-rich, covering all four of the essential food groups: fruits and vegetables, grains, proteins, and fats. Careful planning from the culinary team ensures that all meals meet your dietary needs while providing an array of choices to make you smile.

To learn more about how life at Summerfield can help your senior get the nutrition and care they need, call one of our senior living advocates at (801) 434-7581 or come and take a tour and see for yourself.

We pride ourselves on our care and compassion being the best in the Orem area and Utah County.